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We understand that times are hard for everyone. We will be happy to help prioritize the work that is the most important for your safety, and tell you up front what can wait. Our goal is your safety, not your pocketbook. We also accept all major credit cards

Our in-house, 36 month - 36,000 mile, satisfaction guaranteed warranty is one of the best in the industry -- better than most dealers! We back that up with a 36 month/36,000 mile North America Nationwide warranty. So, you are covered* for our repairs, no matter where you are.

Maybe, but maybe not. Sometimes that light may come on simply because your gas cap is not on tight. But, you can't take it too lightly either, it could be a warning of a serious problem. Cool Springs Automotive has the most sophisticated diagnostic equipment on the market. We will analyze your vehicle and determine if there is a problem or not.

We understand it is an inconvenience to be without your car. That’s why anything we can do to make your experience more enjoyable is our pleasure. We offer shuttle service to Maryland Farms and Brentwood Old Hickory Area. We will also arrange for you a rental car if needed

This is our specialty. However we service a variety of makes and models. Our promise to you is that we will do our best to be accommodating, but we reserve the right to politely say "no" when we feel you and your vehicle will be better served elsewhere.

The manufacturer recommends different weights and viscosity options depending on your engine and the climate that you live in. We evaluate each make and model, driving habits, and average temperature of your driving environment to determine what type of oil you need.

New customers often tell us they take their vehicles to one of the many, "Quickie Lube" chain stores, because they believe it is less expensive (and maybe more convenient). When we ask them if they ever smell hot oil after an oil change, they typically respond, "Sure. Isn't that normal?" It's not.

They are surprised to learn that, and even more surprised when we explain that our pricing is not only competitive, but a better value. That was just the first reason.

Secondly, we offer a complete multi-point inspection; front to back, top to bottom, down to your tag bulbs, and bulbs are replaced for cost of the bulbs. We don’t do this to sell you anything, but as a vehicle health check so we can advise you of your vehicle's condition so you are not surprised! Your family's safety is a concern.

Thirdly, we use only high quality parts, keep you car clean and don’t try to up sell you like the dealerships. Actually that's more than 3 reasons, but we want you to be educated. We never want you to feel strong-armed, but we always want you to know you can trust us. We want to be your vehicle's trusted "physician".

The manufacturers still recommend every three to six months or every 3,000 miles. Is it possible to spread it out longer? Sure it is. However, the cost of oil and a filter is very inexpensive when compared to the expense of replacing parts due to sludge build up or condensation issues.

Yes, they are. How can we convince you that we aren't going to rip you off? You have to give us a try. We don't try to up sell you, and will actually prioritize your repairs according to accommodate your budget. We also invite you to read what our clients have to say.

Actually no you don't. The dealer would like you to think that but it's just not true. As long as the parts are OEM or OES your warranty is fine. Cool Springs Automotive is certified by both Lexus and Toyota as well. So you have no worries when you choose Cool Springs Automotive.