Check Engine Light Diagnostics in Brentwood, Tennessee

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Understanding the Check Engine Light

Modern vehicles use a host of warning lights that let you know the status of key systems. Some of these are intuitive, such as the tire pressure warning light or the brake system light. Others, however, may be more difficult to distinguish. Case in point: the check engine light. It’s a frequent question, as well as a potential source of panic. Unlike the other lights that tell you right away where the issue is, the check engine light illuminating can point to a problem in the engine, the transmission, or the exhaust system. It is part of the on-board diagnostics system (OBD-II) present in vehicles from 1996 and beyond, and requires professional check engine light diagnostics service. Once it detects a problem, it triggers the engine light to illuminate and sends the respective diagnostic trouble code (DTC) to the car’s computer system. The best way to figure out what exactly is going on is to visit CS Automotive in Brentwood, Tennessee! We perform check engine light diagnostics on a regular basis, allowing us to troubleshoot and fix the problem in your vehicle.