Engine Repair in Brentwood, Tennessee

Complete Automotive Engine Care for All Makes and Models

Understanding a Car’s Engine

The heart of a vehicle is the engine. Most vehicles run on an internal combustion engine (ICE), which can be either gasoline or diesel powered. The engine is what enables your vehicle to operate and move, and to do that, it consists of a variety of parts and systems working alongside each other. These include the engine block, pistons, cylinder head, crankshaft, engine valves, oil pan, spark plugs, camshaft, and manifolds—plus many more. Each component plays its part in engine performance, and when just one starts to wear or malfunction, your engine will begin to suffer. This can be in the form of decreased fuel efficiency, lower power output, or consistent stalling. Here at CS Automotive in Brentwood, Tennessee, we are skilled in all forms of automotive engine service. No matter what the problem may be, you can count on us to fix it with our impressive list of engine repair and maintenance services. We are also a certified hybrid shop, which means we can adequately service hybrid powertrains as well!