Hybrid Repair in Brentwood, Tennessee

CS Automotive is a Certified Hybrid Shop!

Importance of Hybrid Maintenance

As a hybrid owner, you only want the best for your vehicle when it comes to hybrid repair and maintenance service. Serving Brentwood, Tennessee since 2006, CS Automotive is the top choice for hybrid car care. Not only are we specially trained and experienced in hybrid automotive, but we are also a certified hybrid shop! We are properly qualified and dedicated to the upkeep and repair of your hybrid model. One of the best ways to get the most out of your hybrid car, SUV, or truck is to bring it in for routine maintenance. Maintenance refers to the regular services your vehicle needs, such as tire rotations and balances, AC services, brake checks, wheel alignments, fluid and filter changes, and more! Because hybrids still contain a gasoline engine, they require the same engine maintenance as standard gasoline vehicles, such as oil changes, oil and air filter replacements, and belts and hoses inspections. We are skilled in hybrid care, which means we also offer services that cater to hybrid-specific components, such as the regenerative braking system, the hybrid battery, and the motor.