Suspension Repair in Brentwood, Tennessee

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Overview of the Suspension System

A vehicle is an orchestra of parts. One of the most instrumental in the performance of your car is the suspension. The suspension system is largely responsible for the smooth and comfortable drive you have grown accustomed to behind the wheel. It irons out common road flaws, such as bumps and potholes, by absorbing the energy produced. It also helps keep your tires properly and safely intact with the road. The suspension system spans the undercarriage of a car and consists of different pieces. Two of the most important are the springs, which manage the height and load of the suspension and cabin, and the shocks/struts, which stabilize a vehicle’s movements. Additional components include the sway bar, control arms, rods, linkages, bushings, and joints. The complexity of a vehicle suspension system may be confusing to those not acclimated to it, but rest assured the experts at CS Automotive are well-versed in it and its associated parts! Serving Brentwood, Tennessee, you can always count on us for professional suspension repair service.