Wheel Alignment in Brentwood, Tennessee

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The Basics of Wheel Alignment Service

For efficient, optimal, and safe vehicle performance, regular maintenance is strongly advised. A wheel alignment is just one way to maintain your car’s excellence. Do you know what this service entails? A wheel alignment squares a car’s wheels so that they track straight and true. During initial vehicle production, manufacturers designate specific angle degrees to align a car’s wheels and axles. When those angles are thrown out of order, alignment service is needed. During this procedure, our mechanics will adjust the toe, camber, and/or caster as needed back to manufacturer specifications. In some cases, the thrust angle will also need to be adjusted. Different types of alignments are available depending on your vehicle’s drivetrain. With four-wheel and all-wheel drive cars, for example, a four-wheel alignment is natural. If your car isn’t 4WD or AWD, it might require a front-end alignment or thrust-angle alignment. The team at CS Automotive in Brentwood, Tennessee, will properly inspect and determine the best alignment service for your vehicle.